Get Up to 80% Off in the Fashion Flush Clearance Sale

Let the drums roll, as the biggest Fashion shopping event is about to happen on Nigeria’s largest online mall Konga! From the 25th till 30th August 2016, Konga would be bringing you the Fashion Flush Clearance Sale! Yes, you heard right! Konga is flushing out its warehouse which means everything must go! Get the trendiest […]


Pokemon Go or Pokemon No?

A friend once said if you haven’t heard about Pokemon Go, you either live under a rock or are disconnected from every form media possible! Don’t quote me, I’m only paraphrasing. But not to worry, I’ll bring you up to speed about the yellow character driving the world insane. So Pokémon Go is a “real […]


What Went Down at the Make Music Concert

If you missed the Make Music Concert, you certainly should be looking forward to the next one because it was so much fun! Make Music Day (also known as the World Music Day) was a one-day event where free, live musical performances, opportunities to make music and other musical events took place around the world […]