How to Nail It With Pearl Beads

The beauty and elegance of pearls in fashion cannot be overruled. You’d be surprised at how well a pearl piece can take you from Plain Jane to Audrey Hepburn. Now let me tell you all you need to know about rocking pearl beads. Although many come in white color, this jewel comes in several shapes […]

how to make pancake

How to Make Pancake Right

  Pancakes are no doubt one of the best things one can have for breakfast. It is nutritious, filling and yummy. It is however one thing to make pancakes and an entirely different thing to get it right. Some call the extra thin pancakes crepes while the thicker ones are referred to most people as […]


What Should Be in Your Makeup Bag

The face beat game could get really confusing with the endless makeup products that are available with every item seeming like a “must-have.” The result of this is an extra bulky makeup bag with more than half of the items unused. If you are a make-up pro and know how to use every item in […]

Easter ideas

Fun Ideas For the Easter Holiday

The anticipated Easter holiday is finally here and we are excited! Have you thought about how you would be spending the holiday? Do you have anywhere planned out to visit? Fret not if you’re clueless about what to do with the holiday, we have some ideas you would enjoy with family and friends. Here’s how […]

twinning fashion

Twinning Fashion Ideas to Try Out This Easter

Yes, Easter is almost here and we absolutely can’t wait for the holiday! With all the days of the holiday, there must be several places you have on your list to visit already. The big question is “what are you wearing??” Nothing planned yet? Well we have some amazing fashion twinning ideas you would totally […]

photo editing apps

5 Photo Apps You Should Totally Have

We constantly are in search of the perfect app that can make us look spotless just before we post that picture to the gram. Forgive me if you’re not that vane but I’m certain you often have need to scan one document or the other; yes, we have apps that can do that too. Here […]

cabbage swallow

Learn to Make Cabbage Swallow

I’ve got great news for “fit fammers” You can now eat your cake and have it literally. I know how difficult it could be staying away from all your favourite meals when you’re on a diet. The good news is that your options just got wider with the Cabbage Swallow. Swallow is what Nigerians call […]

natural hair

How to Retain Moisture in Your Natural Hair

How well do you get to moisturise those curly, coily, kinky hair of yours? Looking good with your kinks spurs your confidence any day, anytime. Have you been having issues dealing with your natural hair? The LOC or LCO method is always the best moisturising treatment to have the kinks kicking. What is LOC? Well […]