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The Konga Mall addresses the breadth of the e-commerce market and business issues facing our online sellers of every size. We aim to provide the most relevant and actionable information to help online merchants sell more effectively and more importantly record more profitable sales.

Top Reasons to Advertise with Konga Mall.

  • We put your message in front of millions of our sellers.
  • We provide relevant information from our trusted industry experts.
  • We publish a daily newsletter sent out to millions of our customers and merchants.

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More Eyes on Your Ad: Our online audience ranges from sellers to upwardly mobile buyers and we can deliver your message to more than 300,000+ opt-in subscribers nationwide, daily.

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  • 300,000+ opt-in newsletter subscribers.
  • Over half of our customers belong to the working class and who would rather shop online that go through the stress of visiting a physical store. We can help you meet their shopping needs.
  • Business-savvy sellers and buyers nationwide.

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