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Explore a massive range of mixers, amplifiers, and speakers online at Konga. Whether you are in search of a digital or analog mixer, Konga has got it all. All of these products are produced with amazing features and are exceptionally durable. So, think no more and browse through an array of top-notch brands, including Behringer, Yamaha, QSC, Ahuja, and more and start enjoying quality sound output today! Most musicians love their mixers, amplifiers, and speakers, and the thing they love about them most is the high-quality sound they produce, you can browse a large selection of Mixers, Amplifiers & Speakers online at Konga at guaranteed best prices in Nigeria. Mixer amplifiers and speakers play a very vital role for any musician that plays live performances or does studio recordings, they are also must-haves in churches and mosques to project the voice of the preachers and singers with a great selection found on Konga you are spoilt with different options.

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Gone are the days of visiting “Alaba” market in Lagos before getting what you are looking for, you can now shop online at Konga for mixers, amplifiers & speakers and still get the best prices. Whether you are looking for a live mixer or studio mixer you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for here. The range of amplifiers and speakers available on Konga is bound to take you by surprise. It's time you add some cool and essential equipment to your recording set-up or church with the latest technology. The amplifiers job is to boost the low-level signals coming from the mixer and broadcast them through the speakers. How much power it produces is measured in watts. And you want to make sure you've got enough wattage to fill the venue without compromising the sound quality. Shop online today at Kong for all your sound equipment need.