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Sound & Audio Mixer

A sound and audio mixer is the brains and control center of a recording studio or public address (PA) system. It connects all the sources of music and sound to a studio's recording system or to the amps and speakers of a PA system. Here at Konga you will find a huge range of audio mixers available at guaranteed lowest prices in Nigeria. These electronic sound mixing device can channel incoming audio signals while maintaining the volume level, tonality, placement and other dynamics of music. Now you can easily combine or mix various recorded sounds with the help of audio mixers available at Konga.

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A mixer can be anything from a simple mixer with multiple inputs and single output with volume control, or can be complex with multi-bus mixer with multiple outputs to have more depth of sound with multiple channels. At Konga you’ll find a huge variety of mixers in our audio mixer categories from Digital Mixers, Analog Mixers & Powered Mixers by top-most brands like Yamaha, Proel, Behringer, Panasonic, Wharfdale, Ahuja and more. The privilege of shopping online from Konga is that you get the benefit of hottest discounts at the most slashed down prices thereby saving big on your purchase.