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A record player with CD player is a stand-alone home stereo system that combines old and new technology. Music fans with collections of vinyl records often want to keep them while still buying and enjoying newer music on CDs. Rather than purchasing and setting up a separate record and CD players, interested buyers can opt for a turntable with CD player that will allow them to play everything in the same place and on the same unit. Many of these record players come with additional features such as radios, cassette decks, and even built-in recording capabilities for transferring music from vinyl to CD. The modern record player with CD player can often be adjusted to correctly play records of different sizes and with different revolutions per minute (rpm), commonly called 33s, 45s or 78s.

Where to Buy CD Player and Recorder

One advantage of a stand-alone record player with speakers is that the speakers do not need to be purchased separately, which generally saves the buyer on the price of the whole record player entertainment unit. A record player’s integrated speakers may not be of sufficient quality, however, something for shoppers to keep in mind before buying. On Konga, we have stocked a huge array of original CD players and recorders from bestselling brands for you to choose from. Enjoy prompt delivery of your order to your preferred location nationwide.