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Consoles are the hardware components of modern video games, produced in attractive designs to make it fun and exciting for gamers. The software programmed in these consoles have special features with the best of modern technology to make gaming feel like real life experience. The major manufacturers of such systems include; Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo and they have the following flagship models namely; PS4, Xbox One, Wii respectively. The modern-day gaming console is not only used for playing video games but can also be used for general home entertainment as it comes with Wi-Fi for internet access, Blu-ray for the best movie experience and memory space to save and back up games and other multimedia files. Buy video game consoles online today at the best price in Nigeria.

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Video game consoles usually come with multiple controller pads giving the options of multiple players, so make the best of that moment you are with your friends and have just ordered for the FIFA 15 soccer game by EA sports or the Need for Speed car racing game, it is important to not kill the fun by getting other pads and have a competition created among yourselves. Other older models of video games include the PS3, PS2, and Microsoft Xbox 360. There are portable devices that could be carried about, unlike the normal type that is stationed on a particular spot. These handheld gaming models include the PSP and PS Vita, they can also be used as a portable music and video players. Why don't you shop with us today? Hurry now and buy the best gaming consoles online on Konga at the lowest prices you can't get anywhere else. Enjoy prompt delivery of your order(s) to your preferred location when you shop with us.