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Delight your audience or church congregation with the electrifying sound of a drums. Explore a wide range of drums and percussions online at Konga and enjoy best prices in Nigeria. The drums are the backbone of a musical composition, whether for studio or church purposes our selection of drums from top-notch brands will meets your needs. No matter the musical setting drums offer great sounds to meld with any music genre. Drums are essential for a wide range of music styles, it’s easy to dial in drum sounds to match any band be it a pop, reggae band, jazz, or R&B band.

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Drum sets are the strength of your band. Keeping the pace and driving the rhythm of the music, the drummer makes sure that everything clicks. With that in mind, it's important that every drummer have a quality drum set to keep them sounding their absolute best. The advantage of buying a complete set as opposed to individual components is convenience. You won't have to take the time to pore over separate drums, searching for just the right complementary sounds. These set are made up of drums that are designed to sound great together from day one, allowing you to focus on your playing. Here at Konga you will find a huge selection of drum sets for every type of drummer whether beginner or professional.