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Relieve yourself of the hassles of going to the market to buy your electrical cables wires.On Konga we have the best rated and high quality Electrical cables and wires with different specifications that you can get at affordable prices. Remember that the larger the diameter, the greater the wire’s capacity is to carry current required. A conductor’s designation is stamped on the cable sheathing as well as on each wire. The mostly commonly used metal for wires is copper, due to its efficiency as a conductor. Wire also comes in aluminum and aluminum clad with copper, but, because these are not as efficient in conducting current, the wires need to be larger to achieve the same capacity. Look no further and avoid all those long trips to the market when you are only a click away on Konga.We have in stock all the necessary electrical cables and wires you need at the best and affordable prices you can get online.

Electrical Cables and Wires on Konga at the Lowest Prices in Nigeria

The electrical system in your home or office is likely made up of single conductor wires. The buk of electrical wiring is done with multi-conductor cables because of their convenience of use. If you are doing electrical work on your home, you can use either or a combination of both.The two most common types of single conductor wires are THW and THWN/THHN, which are protected by metal or plastic sheathing. The wires themselves can be either solid or stranded. Solid-core wire produces the best connections, but its stiffness makes it more difficult than stranded wire to route through conduit.On Konga we have a wide variety for you to choose from with different capacity and specifications so get on board and get all your electrical cables and wires online at the best possible,unbelievable,incredible prices on Konga. That is not all you are guaranteed of the highest quality you can get every time you shop on konga!!.So shop online now and have your order delivered to you in no time.You can also make payment on delivery.