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Living a healthy life is something that is very essential and should be taken seriously always so that you can live longer than what the society says. Fruits are natural supplements we have at our beck and call once we need them. They include oranges, lemon, lime, apples, pawpaw, grapes, strawberry and more. With the help of fruits in the body system, it helps to cleanse and remove every unwanted substance in the body leaving the body healthy and disease free. Check our buying guide and discover how you can make nice juice and smoothies out of the fruits you can buy on Konga. Also available in our store are fresh vegetables that can be used to make the best of traditional soups on Konga and they include water leaf, pepper, tomatoes, okra, moringa, spinach and more. Take time to come up with the best salad with the combination of lettuce, cucumber, onions, carrot, and more. Now you do not need to worry about going to the local market to shop for fruits and vegetables as you can easily log on to and you would still have it delivered to you fresh and edible. Enjoy pay on delivery as you receive your order fresh and healthy.