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Lunch boxes can be regarded as children’s best friend at school when they are on break. It is the ideal item to have when you want to pack your kids food for the day. Get the right lunch packs to serve food for the kids so it can be stored properly while learning in class and still preserved warm when it is time to consume the meal at lunch break. We also have water bottles available to shop online on Konga, this is the correct table manners we were brought up with where it is imperative to have a bottle of water by your side while having a meal.

Original Kids' Lunch Boxes & Water Bottles on Konga 

At Konga, we have got you covered with the best authentic products and in attractive colours to make your kids fall in love with them. Buy lunch boxes and water bottles for children online on Konga at the best price in Nigeria and find happiness in while doing so. You can express how much you love your child by the design and style of their lunchboxes as some are cutely designed with different partitions and segments that can help you package your child's food appropriately such that it can help with manners and ethics. Having all this in mind, be sure our selections of kiddies’ lunch boxes and water bottles will give you the best of love that your child deserve.