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Being pregnant doesn’t automatically imply you are out of trend because of your protruded tummy. A dress is probably one of the easiest items of clothing to wear while pregnant, and a way of keeping a feeling of lightness and femininity. Browse our large array of glamorous maternity dresses at fantastic prices online in Nigeria. The design of  dresses on Konga lend themselves to flattering all of the gorgeous bumps you develop whilst expecting your baby. Being comfy during pregnancy doesn't mean scrapping your fashion sense completely and wearing something completely out of style, our maternity dresses are designed to look as stylish as anything you might have worn before you became pregnant, and are as elegant and glamorous as their counterparts. So fear not, you can still look fantastic in your favourite shoes, worn with our maternity dresses and finished off with a maternity belt.

Where to Buy Trendy Maternity Dresses 

Maternity dresses grew a great deal from the old days. But in modern days, they finally managed to address the aesthetic and practical needs that stylish women experience during their pregnancy and post-partum period. That special dress is no longer a dull, "one-size-fits-all" garment whose sole purpose was to camouflage the extra pounds one might have accumulated during a pregnancy. Available in a great variety of colours, prints, sizes and shapes. This category of dresses are now extremely versatile and ready to adapt to the styling requirements of today's women. Your pregnancy is a life changing period in your life and there is really no reason for you to not look your very best for those nine months, so browse our selection of pregnancy dresses and you’re guaranteed to feel as beautiful as all mums-to-be look.