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Are you updating your entire kitchen with your new sink being part of the refurbishing process?Or are you just looking for a better kitchen sink replacement for what you have currently? Either way, you need to think about the size and shape of your new sink, whether you want it with a drainer, as well as the type of material that your worktop is made from as not all sinks come with all worktops. For those who are starting from scratch, size and position are completely up to you (dependent on the plumbing) and so think about what you have had previously and what you would like to change about it. Was it big enough? Would you like more than one bowl? And of course, think about the overall style you are going for.

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If you are replacing what you have currently, be sure to take accurate measurements of the sink and holes to ensure that your new sink will fit in. But while you may be restricted by size, do explore different material options to completely refresh the look: if you had stainless steel one before, why not have a composite sink now? On Konga we have all you need in terms of sinks and basins and at very attractive prices too. Choose from a wide range and pick a style to suit your taste for your homes,offices or businesses. Order now and have your order delivered to your location nationwide.