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Our Executive Team

Nick Imudia


An international visionary, strategic planning/execution and Sales and Marketing leader in the technology sector, he is known for his uncommon capacity to deliver excellence across technology-driven industry verticals with great tact. Nick has built a solid reputation for interpreting the DNA of technology businesses in Africa; a vision he has further brought to reality with Konga.

Before joining Konga in 2018 as strategic partner and Co-CEO, he was the Regional Director of TCL/Alcatel for two years. Nick was also the Managing Director of Nokia West and Central Africa where he served in various capacities for over 17 years, breaking numerous industry records. A man with a global presence, he has lived in USA, Finland and Singapore where he was celebrated for his expertise in capability development, operational excellence, systems analysis and process management, among others.

Nick holds an MBA in International Business Management from Haaga- Helia University, Finland; a Master of Engineering in Oil and Gas Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark and a Bachelor’s degree of Engineering in Industrial Management, Mikkeli Institute of Technology, Finland. He also holds diverse certifications and trainings in Leadership, Systems Thinking, Online Fraud Management and Strategy, among others. His current passion is to be part of a creative team that will deliver a true global e-commerce group out of Africa.