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Understanding self-fulfill and the advantages involved.

"Question: I have been reading about Self-Fulfill for my orders, what does this really mean and what is the best way to go about setting my delivery charges without it affecting my profit margin?"

As a store owner the one thought that drives and guides every decision and action you take concerning your store is to make “PROFIT”. From whatever point you view Self-fulfill, the pros will always outweigh the cons for you. With our newly introduced Self-Fulfil service, you are completely in control of running your business from the point you receive an order to the point you deliver to your buyer. And also with the Self-Fulfil service, you can now receive immediate payout once your orders have been delivered, self-ship orders directly to your buyers and set your own delivery preferences amongst other things. You can also decide whether to offer return policy or simply set a preferred number of days. Note however that you are more likely to receive lots of orders when you offer a return policy on some or all your products.

Here are some tips we have put together to assist your transition towards making the most of self-fulfill:

OFFER FREE SHIPPING:Free Shipping is a powerful marketing tool that many sellers are yet to use to their advantage. Shoppers typically over value the benefits of “free” items even when compared to better quality items. Studies have shown that there are advantages to free shipping particularly if it is done correctly. The biggest of these advantages is that it can increase online sales volume, draw new and loyal buyers to your store which will invariably increase your sales profit. It has been said that customers just want to think they have got themselves a bargain, that they are “smart shoppers”. Hence, offering free shipping will make you the favourite among many online buyers.

SETTING DELIVERY RATES: Before you go about setting your delivery charges, it is advisable you check out shipping rate from different carriers as this will enable you set a charge that is at par with other delivery agencies. You can start by setting a charge for the first kilogram (logistics cost with respect to the weight of your items and the location) and ensure it covers the weight of the heaviest item in your store to prevent shipping some products at a loss, and then you can include an additional charge for any extra kilogram added.

SELF-DELIVERY: In some situations, it is advisable and more profitable to hand deliver your orders to your buyers. This is usually more favourable in situations where the buyer’s delivery address is practically next door to yours or close to your locality. This is also a great marketing move, because it gives you an avenue for one on one contact with your buyers and probably get an immediate feedback for products purchased. This builds trust on the buyer’s side once they can associate a name or an address to a store they had purchased from. And after meeting you physically and impressed with the self delivery, it is highly unlikely your buyers will be shopping anywhere else again for that item they just purchased from you.

As the Lead, Process Improvement of Konga Mall, Adedayo ensures that he, alongside his proactive team, leaves no stone unturned in ensuring all processes on the SellerHQ maintains its seamlessness and most importantly, he ensures his team comes up with numerous inventive ways to improve the online experience of both our sellers and buyers. For more expert advice from Adedayo and the rest of our expert team, you can send in your questions to