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KongaPay​- What You Need To Know
Understanding the steps taken in dispute resolution

"Question: “I am a merchant on your platform, I would really like to avoid the hassles that accompany payments Konga Mall. How will Kongapay help me achieve this?"

KongaPay is a product created to improve our payment process. It is a faster and safer payment service that will also help reduce returns, cancellations and unwelcome complications associated with pay on delivery.

What is "Konga Pay?KongaPay is a safe and secure e-Payment platform created by konga in partnership with Nigerian Banks (Zenith bank, Access bank, FCMB, diamond Bank, Ecobank & UBA Bank). This platforms allows funds to be transferred from your bank account to Konga’s bank account and vice versa instantly with just the use of a One Time Passcode (OTP).

How will I benefit from Konga Pay (merchant)?

  • It's FREE for merchants. There are absolutely no costs associated with sending money via. Konga Pay.
  • Payments are credited into your bank account instantly once your return policy elapses. No more waiting 1-3 working day for payout request.
  • You can transfer money easily to your account.

Are there any fees incurred from using k-pay?There are no fees incurred when using K-pay. Rather, when payments are made, your bank account is debited and the corresponding kpay account is credited e.g if you have a zenith bank account registered on K-pay and want to make a purchase, k-pay would debit your zenith account then credit kpay zenith account. Which makes the transaction a No Fee Transaction (NFT).

Do I need to be a registered company to have a Konga pay account?Kpay can only work with individual accounts i.e individual current and savings account.

Do Merchants still have to initiate a payout before they receive payment?Merchant’s no longer need to request for payout, their bank account is funded instantly by Kpay when their items are delivered and their return period elapsed.

Can Konga Pay be used for other services on Seller Hq (eg)Placing an Ad,Seller Services etc?Konga Pay can be used for making invoice payment, commission charges and purchasing products on

Gboje is the Lead, Marketplace Finance & Payments. He, alongside his team take total responsibility for the payment processes, Merchant account reconciliations, Account verification, Merchant Payout, Invoice collection & reconciliation. They ensure that payments are made on time and the process is smooth and seamless. For more expert insights from Gboje send an email to