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Arbitration on Konga Mall​- What You Need To Know
Understanding the steps taken in dispute resolution

"Question: “I run a clothing store on Konga and due to the size discrepancies related with importing clothes from China, I get a lot complaints from customers after product delivery. This results in a lot of orders being put on arbitration. How does this work exactly? What are the processes taken to ensure a fair resolution is carried out?"

Arbitration on Konga refers to the status an order is placed when a dispute has been raised by a customer within the return policy window. Following such dispute issues, a team is immediately dedicated towards ensuring that a resolution is reached within a 3-days maximum window. The dispute resolution team acts as a mediator between disputing parties, in this case the buyer and the seller.

Why must my order be placed on Arbitration?Orders are placed under “Arbitration” when a dispute is raised by a customer within the return policy window.

How long do I have to resolve an issue?You have 24 hours to respond with a resolution to the query dispute sent by the dispute resolution team. This resolution may include a Return for a refund, replacement, confirmation of claims or even that the issue has already been resolved.

What happens when I do not respond to a dispute within 24 hours?Depending on the validity of the customer’s claims and your return policy, the dispute will either be closed or the customer will be asked to return for confirmation and subsequent refund.

How can a customer return an item?How can a customer return an item?A return can be made to the customer via 2 channels. K-express or any other channel or courier that you and the buyer agree on. We encourage the use of other channels to hasten the resolution process.

Does have the right to ask a customer to return an item to me without my authorization? A return can only be authorized by under the following circumstances;

  • You failed to respond to the query within 24 hours
  • The customer’s claim is valid
  • You have a return policy

What happens when I cannot come to an agreement with the customer?If mediation fails, our Trust & Safety team would provide a resolution that best suits the situation and advice you and the customer.

At what point is a customer refunded in the Arbitration Process?The customer is refunded after the item(s) in question has been returned. This may be made at the point in which the customer returned (especially when an examination of the return is not required) or based on your confirmation after you have received the item. Refunds are treated differently if the case in question is related to a wrong or counterfeit item. If the issue is not resolved within 7 days, the customer will be refunded even while they are still in possession of the item.

As the Head, Dispute Resolution of Konga Mall, Ruby ensures that she, alongside her team, are dedicated to ensuring that when dispute arises, both buyer and seller arrive at a fair resolution within the stipulated period of time. For more expert advice from Ruby and the rest of our expert team, you can send in your questions to