How do I sign up to begin shopping on Konga?

To create an account on Konga, click here.

I've created an account on Konga already, how do I sign in?

To sign into your Konga account, click here and enter your email address and password.

What if I forget/lose the password to my Konga account?

If you've forget or lose your Konga password, click here and submit your email address. We'll send you a link to change your password.

What can I do once I sign into my Konga account?

After you create your Konga account and sign in, we make it easy to control your shopping experience on Konga by visiting the following sections:
  • My Profile: You can update your name, contact details (phone/address), and subscribe to the Konga newsletter.
  • My Orders: You can view past and existing orders and take actions including tracking an order, messaging the seller, and more.
  • My Favourites: You can view items you've saved to view later.
  • My Wallet: You can fund your Konga wallet and request pay outs to your bank account.
  • KongaPay: If you've signed up for KongaPay, you can view your KongaPay related transactions.

Why do I see different prices for the same product?

Konga is a true online marketplace that supports Nigerian entrepreneurs and we have many different sellers competing for your business. Therefore, you may see the same product offered by different sellers at different prices. We believe that by supporting these 'third-party' sellers, we can offer you a wider product selection, more choice, increased convenience, and better pricing.

What is the best way to shop on Konga?

How do I save items to view later?

If you're shopping on Konga and find an item you would like to save for viewing later, simply log-in and click the heart (♡) on the product page to save the item to your Favourites. When you come back to Konga later, simply visit My Favourites to view the items you saved.

How do I know which Konga sellers to trust?

Konga has several processes in place to make sure sellers are safe and worthy of your trust. All sellers go through verification processes and we continuously monitor seller behavior. In addition, you can inspect a seller's ratings and reviews -- stronger ratings & reviews indicate safer, more trustworthy sellers. Finally, our more established sellers can be identified by a "verified premium seller" badge when you search for an item. Konga regularly updates the list of verified premium sellers to account for changing seller behavior. To learn more visit our Buyer Safety Centre.

Does it matter if I pay online at checkout or pay on delivery?

We strive to make shopping online as easy and convenient as possible and one way we do this is by giving you the choice of how to pay for your order. There are some differences however:

  • Paying Online at Checkout: When you pay online at checkout, Konga holds your payment (temporarily) & we don't release it to the seller until you have had a chance to bring up any issues. By paying in advance with KongaPay, ATM/Debit card, or internet banking, Konga can protect you 100% with our Buyer Protection program. When you're covered by our Buyer Protection program, you can shop with complete confidence and ultimate peace of mind: if something goes wrong, we help make it right with a refund, repair, or replacement.
  • Paying on Delivery: You can choose to Pay on Delivery (POD) in Lagos, Abuja FCT, Rivers and many other States across Nigeria. You simply pay the courier with cash or with your ATM/Debit card when your order is delivered. Please note that if you pay on delivery, Konga may not be able to protect you under the Buyer Protection program since Konga may not have the money paid. Please also note that, for deliveries over ₦100,000, you may only be able to pay with a POS machine on delivery. Finally, even if you choose POD, you may be required to prepay for orders over ₦200,000. Note that Konga will never ask you to prepay into any individual/personal account -- if a seller asks you to pay directly into his/her bank account, contact Konga immediately at trustandsafety@konga.com before paying.

What is Buyer Protection?

Konga's Buyer Protection program guarantees that you'll receive your order as described and in good condition. If something goes wrong, Buyer Protection protects you 100%. Buyer protection is only available for orders that you pay for at checkout using KongaPay or your ATM/Debit card or internet banking. To learn more about Buyer Protection, please visit: https://www.konga.com/buyer-protection.

How do I pay for a Konga.com purchase?

For your convenience, Konga offer multiple payment methods. Whatever your choice, you can rest assured that Konga is working to keep your transaction safe. You can help by paying online at checkout so Konga can hold your payment temporarily and more easily refund you if things go wrong.

At checkout, you can select:

  • Pay Online At Checkout - Enjoy 100% Buyer Protection
    • KongaPay
    • ATM/Debit Card
    • Internet Banking
    • Bank Deposit (The list of Konga corporate accounts can be viewed here.)
    • Konga Wallet
  • Pay On Delivery
    • Cash Payment (Note that couriers may have limits on the maximum amount of cash they can collect.)
    • Point of Service (POS) with Visa/Mastercard

Should I pay to a seller's personal/individual account?

No. If a seller asks you to pay directly into his/her personal bank account before you receive your order, please contact trustandsafety@konga.com to verify before paying. Please do not make payments to any bank account outside the Konga's corporate accounts listed here: https://www.konga.com/payments. You can use KongaPay or the Konga Wallet for additional safety and security.

What is KongaPay?

KongaPay is a payment method that was designed with your safety in mind in partnership with Nigerian banks.

KongaPay eliminates the need to enter sensitive credit/debit card details or Internet banking passwords, and payments made through KongaPay are held in escrow until the transaction is satisfactorily completed. When you pay with KongaPay, you're 100% covered by Buyer Protection and we can instantly refund you if your order does not arrive, is damaged, or is substantially different from what was described. To learn more, please visit: www.konga.com/kongapay.

What is the Konga Wallet?

The Wallet is a prepaid purse that enables one to shop on Konga.com multiple times by making a payment only ONCE. You make a payment for a certain amount and this will be added to your account as prepaid balance in your Wallet. When you make an order, you can choose to use the Wallet as the mode of payment and the amount will be deducted from the balance in your Wallet.

How do I check the current status of my orders?

Sign in to your Konga account and visit the My Orders section. From there, you can view information on all your orders.

What are the different order statuses and what do they mean?

  • NEW: Your order has been received and is being processed.
  • SHIPPED: Your order has been marked as shipped and is on its way to you.
  • DELIVERED: The merchant has marked your order as delivered awaiting your confirmation. (After 3 days, this status may automatically update to "Delivery Confirmed" unless you state otherwise.)
  • DELIVERY CONFIRMED: Your order has been delivered.
  • DELIVERY DISPUTE: You have requested cancellation of an order that has been shipped.
  • CANCELLED: The order has been cancelled.

My order has shipped. How can I track it?

You can track your order by visiting Track My Order and entering your order number (F############).

How do I cancel an order?

You can request to cancel your order online by 1) signing into your account, 2) visiting My Orders, and 3) clicking the button to cancel your order. While you may instantly cancel orders not yet shipped, please note that shipped orders may get to you before your cancellation request is processed. You nevertheless have the option of rejecting or accepting the order on delivery. You can also call 01 460 5555 or 0809 460 5555 to request order cancellation.

How can I view and print my invoice for an order?

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Click on My Orders.
  3. Click on the order number you need an invoice for.
  4. Click on "Print Order" to print out the invoice for your order.

What is the estimated delivery time? When can I expect my order to arrive?

Your order should arrive within 1-10 days of order processing. You can track your order by visiting Track My Order and entering your order number (F############).

Why does the estimated delivery time vary?

Konga is a true online marketplace that empowers Nigerians across the country. This means that not all products on Konga are sold or delivered by Konga. In addition, Konga buyers and sellers are found in every State in Nigeria. Given the various factors involved (time it takes a seller to ship, the courier company used, the distance between buyer and seller, and more) delivery times may vary.

How will the delivery be done?

Your order may be delivered by Konga Express, by other courier companies, or by the seller or the seller's agents, depending on whether the item was sold by Konga or a third-party seller and on the delivery method chosen by a third-party seller. You may be called prior to or on the same day as delivery to see if you are available to receive your order.

Will all of the items in my order arrive in a single package?

If your order consists of items from more than one seller, your items will arrive separately. If your order consists of items from a single seller, your items may arrive together or separately. If your orders arrive separately, rest assured that the remaining item(s) will be delivered shortly.

What should I do after my order is delivered?

After your order is delivered, make sure your items are as described and are not defective. If you notice any significant issues please email help@konga.com or call 0809 460 5555 or 01 460 5555 and provide details as soon as possible.

You should also rate and review your transaction -- by doing so you can help other buyers make good buying decisions.


How do I cancel an order on Konga.com?

You can request to cancel your order online by 1) signing into your account, 2) visiting My Orders, and 3) clicking the button to cancel your order. While you may instantly cancel orders not yet shipped, please note that shipped orders may get to you before your cancellation request is processed. You nevertheless have the option of rejecting or accepting the order on delivery. You can also call 01 460 5555 or 0809 460 5555 to request order cancellation.

Something went wrong with my order, what can I expect?

If you recently received your order and something is wrong, please email help@konga.com or call 0809 460 5555 or 01 460 5555 and provide details as soon as possible.

Depending on the exact issue and whether you paid before delivery or paid on delivery, different resolutions can occur. But in all cases, Konga will offer support and will try to work with the seller to offer a resolution quickly, such as a repair, replacement, refund upon return, instant refund, or other form of compensation as applicable.

However please note that returns or replacements may not be available in the following cases:

  • Damages due to misuse of product
  • Any consumable item which has been used or installed
  • Products with tampered or missing serial / UPC numbers
  • Any damage / defect which are not covered under the manufacturer's warranty
  • Any product that is returned without all original packaging and accessories, including the box, manufacturer's packaging if any, and all other items originally included with the product(s) delivered;
  • Items with No Returns policy

What if I want to return an item that is not defective or damaged?

Because not all products on the website are sold by Konga, the seller of the item you wish to return will need to provide an approval for your request to be accepted. Because the item you received was as described and in good condition, Konga may be limited in providing a resolution without the cooperation of the seller.

Are there any products that I can't return?

  • Jewelry, innerwear, lingerie, and socks
  • Weaves and Hair extensions
  • Products in the Books category
  • CDs/DVDs/Computer Software that has been opened/unsealed
  • Products in the Games, Music and Movies category that are not faulty and have been opened/unsealed.
  • Products in the Food & Drink category
  • Products in the beauty, health and personal care category
  • Items with No Returns policy

How do I sell on Konga?

To learn more about selling on Konga and register as a seller, please visit the Sell on Konga page.

Can I sell used or refurbished items on Konga? How about 'replicas'?

No. Only new and authentic products are authorized for sale on Konga. Merchants who sell used, refurbished, replicated, or reproduced items are in violation of Konga's Merchant Service Agreement and/or Konga's Authentic Items Policy and may be banned from Konga's marketplace. If you suspect that a merchant is offering such items, please email trustandsafety@konga.com.