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What You Need to Know About Discount Vouchers

As we well know offering incentives is a great way to attract new customers and keep your old customers coming back your store. As an online mall having the success of its merchants as top priority Konga has been working to attract more sales on the platform.

Konga now offers discount vouchers to all first time shoppers on Konga Mall. This vouchers range between N2000- N5000 and are valid on all items on the platform.

You may have noticed an increase in the number of customers who place orders on your store making use of discounted vouchers and store credit. Please you must ensure that you always check your order invoice before shipping, as it will display the amount already paid by the customer, either with a discount voucher or Konga wallet credit, and the outstanding amount to be paid as “Balance Due for Shipment”.

Be rest assured, as Konga will continually offer their merchants various ways to improve sales for their store. This will come inform of selling tips, offers and promotions, discussion forums and monthly training sessions on running a successful online store.

Happy Selling!