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​Order Dispute Resolution on Konga Mall​- What You Need To Know

When it comes to online buying and selling, not all transactions may go smoothly. In certain situations, several factors can come into play, preventing complete sales to occur. While some buyers will be particular about the smoothness of the package their items come in, other buyers may have a change of mind when an item is not delivered on time, an item is claimed to be fake, has a manufacture's defect or when a buyer receives a wrong item from what was initially ordered. When buyers complain about any of these setbacks on Konga, such orders are put into arbitration until a resolution is reached.

Arbitration on Konga Mall refers to the status an order is placed when a dispute has been raised by a customer within the return policy window. Following such dispute issues, a team is immediately dedicated towards ensuring that a resolution is reached within a 3-days maximum window. The dispute resolution team acts as a mediator between disputing parties, in this case the buyer and the seller.

As we seek to protect both our buyers and sellers, and also understand that not all dispute claims may be valid, Konga conducts a thorough investigation to ensure all claims made to the dispute resolution team are genuine. To also ensure maximum protection for both parties, we have the TRUST & SAFETY team dedicated to ensuring both buyer and seller security. The Trust & Safety team will also step in as an arbitrator when buyers and sellers are unable to agree on a resolution.

The resolution that can be reached from the dispute resolution process could be any of the listed below:

  • Return of an Item for a Full Refund
  • Return of an Item for another Item Replacement/Exchange
  • Return of an Item for Repair
  • Refund without Return
  • Compensation (with or without the return of an item)

As we continually strive to support our sellers via K-express in the process of returning items that fall under all dispute types except for counterfeit/sub-standard items, Konga also has a zero tolerance policy against delivery of substantially different products to customers and the sale of counterfeit products. Disputes that fall into these categories are treated outside of the 24 hour resolution timeline.

Below are the steps for the Dispute Life Cycle on Konga Mall:

  • STEP 1- New Dispute: This is a newly registered complaint from a customer regarding a delivered product.
  • STEP 2- Order Status Update- Order with complaint is then placed on hold (“Arbitration”) as long as it is within the return window.
  • STEP 3- Notification Phase: The Seller is notified of the dispute and informed to provide resolution within 24 hours.
  • STEP 4- Mediation Phase: Where a resolution is not reached between the seller and buyer within 24 hours, a Dispute Resolution Representative contacts both parties to resolve the issue within another 24 hours.
  • STEP 5- Follow up Phase: Disputes reach this phase when the resolution requires a follow up for closure.

CLICK HERE To view our infographic on dispute resolution.

For more questions and information on Dispute Resolution, you may send an email to mall@konga.com

Happy trading!