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Coming Soon- Konga Fashion Masterclass

Have you always dreamt of working in fashion? Maybe you long to set up your own private fashion label? In a few weeks, Konga will host its first ever Fashion Masterclass in Lagos.

For aspiring fashion-preneurs, this is the perfect opportunity you can take advantage of, as Konga will be exposing all that it has learned in creating its own numerous private labels and the steps involved in creating exquisite and lasting brands that will eventually evolve into an extremely lucrative fashion line for interested participants.

We will also be providing information on how to source good fashionable products from multi-international countries like Guangzhou and Turkey, amongst others. Participants will also get to listen to industry experts on how to effectively double or triple their profit margins in as little as 3-6 months and learn how to make important fashion related decisions, such as the quality of fabric to use, and how to stay updated on trending styles.

At the fashion class, you will also get to meet our stylish fashion experts and hear their advice on breaking into the fashion industry. This is a great opportunity for fashion designers, interested fashion buyers and fashion related product sellers looking to learn cutting-edge technology in design and shopping.

Details of event will be communicated via our communication channels.