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The Konga Fashion Wholesaler

Konga is pleased to introduce to merchants - The Konga Fashion Wholesaler program. This is part of the month’s ongoing Fashion Flash Sales. Fashion items ranging from men’s wear, women’s wear, accessories and shoes will be available for sale to merchants. Interested merchants will have access to discounted promo coupons.

Merchants will be offered the leisure to buy Konga Brands at wholesale prices. Promo starts on the October 9th October .

How to participate - Shop for any ten (10) items of your choice from the selection of products and get free access to use the coupon code for a discounted price.

Note: All available Items have already been discounted greatly and you are a lucky recipient of the coupon code - this enables further discount at the checkout point. There has to be a minimum of ten (10) items in your shopping cart before the Coupon Code can be accessible.

Enjoy your Shopping Experience!!!

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