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​Protecting the KONGA Brand​

As a growing marketplace, it is Konga's responsibility to provide you with a safe and trusting platform that will help you reach millions of buyers and build a successful online business. Konga's commitment to supporting commerce in Nigeria means that your success is our success. We are​ partners ​towards mutual business successes.

Our brand is our marketplace identity, it is the most valuable piece of our organizationand without proper care and attention, it could become damaged or disappear completely. Protecting the brand and maintaining its consistency across products and locations is the single most important role of ours.

As our business partner and a profit stakeholder on Konga Mall, it is your responsibility not to diminish nor discredit Konga. Any attack on the platform can ​affect a ​business ​success; ​both for Konga and for you, our esteemed sellers. Correspondingly, the more recognizable the brand, the greater its value and the higher the costs associated with damage control.

Equally important to protecting a brand is that we all fulfill the promise behind a brand and maintains the positive reputation and image of our company. The brand should be top-of-mind in every decision made. This decision could range from the importance of customer interaction or as simple as the consistency of the method of packaging.

We can however influence the customer’s perception of our brand by carefully guarding the reputation, service, product quality, and consistency. The brand promise must also be embraced by everyone who supports the brand, which includes both the company employees and the partners(Merchants). A brand promise can not be delivered intermittently; everyone, from the bottom up, must work at delivering it consistently, on a daily basis. And as we continually strive to create a seamless and hitch free marketplace for small, medium and big businesses, we request your cooperation in protecting the Konga brand at all times, publicly and privately.