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What You Should Know About the Monthly Membership Fee & Lots More‚Äč

As the leading marketplace with the interest of both buyers and sellers at heart we run a transparent platform. We are continually looking for ways to keep shoppers coming back, improve visibility of sought after merchandise and help sellers increase sales.

MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP FEES- To combat and prevent fraudulent sales on the platform, Konga will be introducing a monthly membership fees effective July 2015. This is to encourage only meaningful and serious sellers to join the platform while wading out less serious sellers. Effective July 31 2015, registered sellers on the marketplace will be required to pay a monthly flat membership fees of N2500. Newly registered sellers will also be required to pay these fees from the date of store implementation.

Basic advantages of the monthly membership fees include:

  • Overall Improvement of Konga Marketplace Processes- Now only serious and disciplined sellers will remain on the platform, making it easier to offer products competitively.
  • Prevention of unrealistic prices of products by less disciplined sellers hoping to deter sales from serious sellers.
  • A better reputation for the platform, as all genuine orders will be fulfilled by only disciplined sellers.

45 DAYS MERCHANDISE PAYOUT GUARANTEE-We are currently working on a new inventory guarantee policy that will ensure that returned orders not delivered to merchants within 45 days, from the day order was dropped off with K-Express will be automatically paid to merchant's wallet. This will be in line with the new K-Express charges that will be communicated in due time.

NEW SEARCH VISIBILITY METRIC FOR DISCIPLINED SELLERS- Konga has introduced a new search priority process for dedicated sellers who have consistently maintained high levels of order delivery and customer service. This means that search results on Konga will now begin to prioritize sellers with higher delivery rates. Remember, your delivery rate is calculated based on the total number of orders you have successfully delivered as a function of total orders you have received on your store in a lifetime. Returned items rejected at the point of delivery will be counted as successful.

As we roll out new processes and plans towards making the marketplace a competitive and credible platform for sellers, we will keep you updated and well informed.

Happy trading!