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Introducing The New Order Life Cycle On Konga Mall

The new order life cycle has been introduced on the Konga Platform. Hence forth the “Accept” status will be eliminated. The status of orders will no longer follow the New- Accepted- Shipped cycle but will be replaced with the New- Shipped cycle.

The implications of the new order life cycle are as follows:

  • Orders not marked as ‘shipped’ within 48 hours will be auto cancelled
  • Buyers will be able to cancel orders still in the ‘new’ status
  • Refund will be issued to buyers with orders that are automatically cancelled after 48 hours of not being marked as ‘shipped’
  • If orders are not delivered in 15 days, buyers will have access to cancel such orders
  • Orders cancelled by buyers after order has been updated by sellers to “shipped”status will go under ‘delivery dispute’
  • Self fulfilled orders updated to shipped but not marked as delivered in 22 days will be marked to ‘auto-delivered’ after 22 days

To avoid store suspension we encourage you to ship all ​orders ​to your buyer​s​ or K-Express within 48 hours of receiving orders.

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