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Things To Note When Updating Your Products

When updating your already listed products, there are certain things to put into consideration. Newly listed products takes 24 hours to appear on the website. As soon as you list a product, it joins a queue of other listed products awaiting approval.

Live On Site Products

  • Description and images update will cause you product to drop off the site. Hence, your product joins the pending queue for products awaiting approval. Updated products will take 24 hours before appearing on the website.
  • Disabled Products

    • Vacation: When your store is put on vacation, your products will be automatically disabled with the quantity set to zero (0) till your vacation period expires.
    • Suspension: Stores are suspended due to poor performance. Once your store is suspended your products will no longer appear on the site, however your products come back up when your store has been reinstated.
    • Out Of Stock: Please note that products that are out of stock will not appear on the site, it’s necessary that you monitor your inventory as often as possible.
    • Remember... Adhering to these principles puts you a step ahead of other sellers and also guarantees you huge sales numbers during the busiest shopping period of the year