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It is a Punishable Offence to Sell Refurbished/Used Products on Konga Mall

It has recently come to our notice that some products listed on Konga Mall are refurbished/used items. This is totally against our policy as it affects the brand’s credibility with its buyers. Sellers that offer used/refurbished items will have their store disabled.

Refurbished items are supposed to look exactly like a new item and do most of the time. This usually involves the replacement of things on the item, body parts and so on. A used item has had nothing changed on it. It is almost the same as when it was new, but shows signs of it being used (not new), worn and all.

Henceforth, all merchants on the platform will be required to:

  • Go through your products to be sure there are no refurbished/used items listed. If there are, ensure you pause them immediately.
  • Inform Konga of any merchant you think has listed refurbished/fake or used products. This can be done via email to trustandsafety@konga.com. The situation will be investigated and the appropriate action will be taken.

The Konga brand is our responsibility. We ask that you do not jeopardize the business by delivering used items to buyers.

Remember Konga has zero tolerance towards the sale of inauthentic, counterfeit, or otherwise unauthorized products. This includes refurbished and used goods.

Happy Selling!