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Here's What You Need to Know About Self-Fulfil

What is Self-Fulfil? Self-Fulfil is a newly added service on the SellerHQ that will liberate every seller to sell as they fit without being compelled to use any specific shipment services directly from Konga. Self-Fulfill will allow sellers to ship orders themselves or use other carriers of their choice without the need to use Konga’s delivery service.

If I decide to use the self-fulfil service, is there a deadline as to when I have to deliver an order? All sellers on the Konga Mall are required to accept new orders within 24 hours while all accepted orders must be shipped within 48 hours. Failure to meet this deadline will result in automatic cancellation of such orders.

Is Self-Fulfil available outside Lagos, or is it just for Lagos sellers?Self-Fulfil is available nationwide however, you will need to confirm from your carrier which locations outside Lagos they deliver to.

Do I need to register to use the Self-Fulfil service?You will simply need to log into your SellerHQ portal and set your delivery rates and location you are willing to ship your orders. Once you set up these shipping rates, this is what your buyers will see and understand where you are willing to ship orders.

How do I collect payment from my customers when I deliver orders to them?Some of your buyers may choose to pay on delivery and when this occurs, you will receive a notification on your SellerHQ informing you which buyer has chosen to pay on delivery. You will then be required to collect cash from such buyer at the point of delivery.

If I choose to use the Self-Fulfil service for my delivery, will Konga be able to provide packaging materials for me? And will this be free?Merchants would be responsible for their Packaging Materials. This can also be sourced via the Konga Seller Service at a Cost. Interested Merchants in packaging materials can send a mail to sellerservices@konga.com and will receive a response within 24 hours.

What if I was using the self fulfil service but decide to go back to letting Konga deliver on my behalf?Konga would still be shipping goods for Merchants via K-Express, however you would be required to Pay for the Shipment before the order is shipped to the Customer.

How do I pay Commissions to Konga for Self Fulfilled Orders?Merchants can Pay through the SHQ portal, this could either be with their ATM cards or GTPay. Once K-Pay is launched Merchants can also use this to also remit funds. Commissions for orders are due when the sale has been completed. For prepaid orders, Konga will collect payment from the customer and remit to the merchant less commissions after confirmed delivery. For orders that are paid for on delivery, the merchant will be issued a monthly invoice with the total amount due for commissions. Unpaid invoices will result in suspension or termination of the store.

How will self-fulfil affect my ratings on the Konga Mall?Overall Seller Ratings are determined by the following factors: Product Quality, Delivery Rate and Communication. With Self-Fulfil, you are now in control of all these factors. To ensure that your ratings are high, you should sell great quality products, accept and ship orders on time, and maintain effective communication with your customers.