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Step-by-Step Guide for Setting Your Delivery Rates

SELECT THE STATE YOU WANT TO DELIVER TO- Remember that you can either fulfil by yourself or use any courier company to effect delivery. After selecting the state, you will need to check the cities within this state that you want to deliver to. If you do not check the box and enter a shipping rate for any locations within the state, you are indicating that you do not want to ship to that location.

Once an order has been placed to your store, you are responsible for confirming shipment of the order after you have sent it. You can use the Sales tool in your seller account to confirm shipments.

CHECK PAY ON DELIVERY FOR STATES YOU ARE WILLING TO ALLOW CASH ON DELIVERY- If you do not check this box, you are indicating that you are not offering Pay on Delivery in this location, and customers in this location who want to purchase your product must pay before shipment. You are encouraged to offer Free Shipping; especially in the states where you are located as this will boost your sales higher.

ENTER THE SHIPPING CHARGES FOR THE CITIES YOU HAVE SELECTED- To determine your shipping rates, check out the delivery rates for some courier companies by clicking on the “See Delivery Rates for Various Couriers” link. And in the “Charge for First Kilogram” field, enter the logistics cost with respect to the weight of your items and the location. In the “Charge for Additional kilogram” field, enter the cost for delivering additional kilogram of the item as applicable.

This shipment charge is how much it will cost you to ship any product from your store location to any of these locations. The charge is on a store level and covers all products in your store. When setting this charge, ensure it covers the weight of the highest item in your store. For example, for a store in the Automotive and Industrial category, the merchant might set the Charge for first Kilogram at N200, and Charge for Additional Kilogram at N50. In this case, a Spark Plug weighing 0.5kg will be shipped at N200, while a Generator weighing 20kg will be shipped at N1150.

CLICK SAVE- You should see a confirmation message saying “Your Shipping Settings have been saved.” To proceed to add another state, click on “Add Another State”. Repeat the above steps for ALL states that you want to deliver to. If you do not select a state and enter shipping rates for it, you are indicating that you do not want to ship to that location. To delete a state from your shipping locations, click on the minus button on the top right corner of the state box.

After setting shipping rates for all your locations, you can now proceed to list a product by clicking on the “Sell an Item” button.