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Here’s another way to Improve Your Shipping Rate

It has come to our attention that you struggle with shipping orders to customers on time. As a result of late shipping or not shipping at all, you have to endure your store being suspended for a period and most importantly dis-satisfied customers.

To take the stress off you, Konga has partnered with some reputable organisations to offer the option of warehousing to merchants. This allows for faster delivery of your products and consequently an improved shipping rate. These warehouse spaces are rented out to sellers on a monthly basis and at affordable rates.

Benefits of renting a warehouse space:

  • Allows for Faster delivery of your orders to customer, your orders are easily picked up and delivered from that location
  • Helps you to manage your inventory and update it at the right time
  • Helps improves your store ratings and store performance
  • Suspension issues are drastically reduced as you now have more control over your delivery process.
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    For more information, kindly send a mail to sellerservices@konga.com