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Yakata Sales - Congratulations: You Have Been Chosen!

The Month of Yakata is finally here! Have you been selected?

If you have, here are terms and conditions to adhere

  • The shipment rate for Yakata orders which is currently monitored at 80% will be increased to 90%. Stores that do not ship 90% or more of their Yakata orders will be closed.
  • The quantity of every item uploaded during Yakata must be the actual amount of items available in your inventory as you will NOT be allowed to add quantity during the sale.
  • Ensure that you have the quantity uploaded on the site available, hence we advise that you put aside inventory specifically for the sale as cancellations will NOT be tolerated from any seller.
  • Regular commission charges still apply across all products on sale.
  • All general merchandise items sold during the sale must have a return policy no less than 3 days. This does not apply to lingerie and other inner apparels.
  • All returned items will be processed at a central location, the Konga Warehouse in Ogba
  • Returned items must be picked up by merchant within 24 hours of return notification.
  • Starting Monday 9th November 2015, Kongapay icon will be activated on SHQ. It is important you register for Kongapay as sellers still using the wallet system will not be able to access their funds.
  • If you are already registered under Kongapay, you need to update your Kongapay account with your BVN.