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Yakata Sales - Can Your Ratings Get You Qualified to Participate?

The preparation for the annual Fall Yakata sale is in progress. And with over 300,000 shoppers recorded in the previous yakata sale, this year promises to be a success - higher traffic to the site, more customers, all leading to increase in sales volumes.

Customer satisfaction, which is always the goal, is especially important during this period. Hence, certain participation criteria for merchants have been put in place. Here is how you can be a part of this huge sale.

  • You must have been actively trading for the last 3 months.
  • Only merchants with shipment rate between 80% and 100% will be allowed to participate. You should ensure your shipment rates are well managed.
  • Only merchant who have had 10 orders and above in the last 3 months are allowed to participate.
  • Only stores offering mouth-watering discounts will be allowed to participate.
  • Stores with any level of cancellation rate due to unavailable items during this period will be suspended from further participation. Thus, ensure you have sufficient items in your inventory to accommodate the huge Yakata sale and also to meet your buyers’ expectations.
  • Also, consider self-fulfilling your orders or shipping through reliable couriers to ensure quick deliver, as we fully expect huge volumes on the marketplace which will keep the K-Express centers very busy.
  • Remember... Adhering to these principles puts you a step ahead of other sellers and also guarantees you huge sales numbers during the busiest shopping period of the year