Help & FAQs

The Konga Seller Academy

The Konga Seller Academy is the pioneer online eCommerce learning academy put in place by Konga Mall, the largest online Mall in Nigeria, for all its esteemed merchants to learn how to grow their businesses online and also maximize their online profit as an outcome of this continuous learning process. And in order to create an enabling selling environment for our esteemed sellers, we have further put together some questions to make your learning experiences with us hassle free and positively memorable.

Who can benefit from the Konga Seller Academy?

Konga Seller Academy is an initiative of set up to maximize the selling experiences of all our merchants on the shopping platform. You have to be a registered private/business entity to be able to fully explore all the benefits available on our seller academy site. You could be a manufacturer, brand owner, retailer/reseller, franchise holder or a distributor with a store at the Konga Mall. You can also be a professional artist/artisan or just a trader who can do excellent sourcing and outstanding customer services. You simply have to own an existing active store at the Konga Mall so that way, you can explore the full benefits on the academy page as a registered Konga seller.

How and where do I sign-up to learn and get the full resources available on Konga Seller Academy?

Please visit and follow the easy step-by-step process to sign up. Please note that the Seller academy team will first verify that your online store is still active at our Konga Mall to enable you maximize the learning experience at the academy.

What are the requirements for learning through your Seller Academy?

At the most basic level we need you to set-up your online store, upload products in your online store and regularly manage your online store and once we confirm your store is active and you have a user name and account, you can then be granted access to all our seller academy materials.

What are the rules and policies at seller academy and where can I find them?

We strongly encourage you to read all the rules and policies that are common guidelines to create a trusted and safe learning environment. To learn more about rules and policies please click on Terms of Use and Policies & Rules at the bottom of this page.

How can I manage my online store at the Konga Seller Academy?

You have your own user name and password and complete administrative access of your Konga Seller Academy via You can access your online seller academy page from anytime, from anywhere using any Internet connected devices. You can read new learning tips, training materials, new tutorial videos or any upcoming events and many other things in a matter of seconds from your Seller HQ or directly from

How much do you charge to benefit from the Konga Seller Academy?

At, we believe that a healthy learning process & tutorial dynamics would create win-win for all the stakeholders. Our pricing is one of the examples of that philosophy. You pay only when you want to become a gold seller with exclusive product posting on our home page and we currently do not charge for product listing and online store front.

How does my merchant rating impact me?

Higher merchant rating or more positive feedback from buyers will help you to see better customer response. And give you free access to learning tips for merchants with high ratings such as yourself. And with a consistent positive feedback, you will be required to train other merchants online on how to get positive feedbacks form buyers. We may also require this to be done via video tutorial.

What is top rated merchant seal and how would this benefit me in the Konga Seller Academy?

As a merchant at, Top Rated Merchants means higher sales volume and better product placements for you. We believe that merchants who offer -- excellent customer services, fast/free shipping, most competitive prices, and receive top feedback from the buyers, should get an extra reward. This, we convert to learning sessions and opportunity to liaise with our top management at a duly appointed time. 

How does top rated merchant seal further help my sales at Konga Seller Academy?

That is our way of conveying to our customers that the merchants exhibits higher standards for customer services, return, pricing, brands/selection etc. As a top rated merchant at the seller academy, we would ensure you have access to more buyers, more product posting on our homepage. This mean that many of our online shoppers at Konga Mall will prefer buying from you and that means more visibility and growth for you.

Who provides the customer service at the Seller Academy should I need to contact your team?

The Konga Seller Academy provides all the technology and customer queries.

What are the best practices that can help me sell more online?

Information such as this would be under our “learning tips” section. Watch out for new content every week.