Buyer Protection

What is Konga Wallet?

Konga Wallet allows you speed through your checkout process.

What are the features of the Konga Wallet?

Konga Wallet allows you view your account history, transfer funds to your wallet and request a payout.

How can you fund your Konga Wallet?

You can add money to your Konga wallet directly using your ATM/Debit Card , going into your bank to make deposit via Paydirect or on Quickteller’s website.

What is a Payout?

Konga may from time to time have to Payout money to your Bank Account. This Payout may be for refunds or proceeds of selling on Konga Marketplace.

For security purposes, we need to verify your bank account details to make Payouts. Please verify now so you are not delayed when you make a Payout request.

How do you verify your bank account?

When you are ready to verify your bank account, do the following steps:

  • Login into your Konga Wallet:
  • Click “Get Verified”.
  • Enter your Bank Account Details.
  • Konga will transfer an amount of money between 0.01 and 9.99 Naira to your Bank Account.
  • When you receive the transfer, return to your Konga Wallet and enter the amount received.

How to keep your Konga Wallet safe?

  • Never give anyone your Konga Login details in full either by email or over the phone. Konga will never request these from you.
  • Always Log out from your Konga Account when using a public computer.
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