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e-Gift vouchers are a great way to say Thank You or send a gift to that special someone

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e-Gift Voucher can ONLY be redeemed on Konga.com. Minimum voucher amount is N1,000. To purchase for multiple recipients at once, or purchase more than 10 units of e-gift vouchers at once, please use our Bulk Sales service, by contacting vouchers@konga.com

For Corporate Purchases, please also contact vouchers@konga.com and we will respond immediately.  Thank You.

  • Bulk sales enquiries can be sent to vouchers@konga.com
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Frequently Asked Questions

Written queries can be sent to our customer support - Contact Us. Bulk sales enquiries can be sent to vouchers@konga.com

How do Bulk Sales work?

Bulk Sales are applicable when you have more than 10 vouchers you want to purchase, at a time.

The vouchers can be of the same value to single/ multiple recipients, or have multiple values to single/ multiple recipients.

How to use your e-Gift Voucher

Pick items you want to buy.

Once you are done shopping, proceed to check out.

Click the "USE GIFT CARD" option in Step 2.

Enter your 16-digit gift voucher number.

If the amount on your e-Gift Voucher does not cover your order total, you will be prompted to select an additional payment method.

Is there a limitation on how many e-Gift Vouchers that can be used per order?

There is no limit to how many e-Gift Vouchers you can use per order.

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