The Konga Escrow is a service available on the konga.com website to provide protection to buyers who purchase an item(s) from Konga's website located at URL: www.konga.com and paid using any of Konga's available payment methods.

Using Konga Escrow, you can be sure that until the product has been delivered and you are satisfied, Konga will not transfer payment to the seller.

A user who purchases or acquires any product on konga.com Website is referred to as a Buyer, and a user who sells or provides any product on konga.com website is also referred to as a Seller.

For the avoidance of doubt, Konga Escrow is not an insurance contract.

There is no charge for using the Konga Escrow service.

The Konga Escrow is intended to protect the buyer in the cases mentioned herein.

Konga Escrow will protect you provided that you follow the processes and guidelines.