What is KongaPay?

    KongaPay is a safe and secure payment method created in partnership with leading Nigerian Banks. It makes buying safe and secure and puts control in your hands.Buyers refunds and Sellers Payouts are automatic and happen with ease.

    Is this available to all sellers?

    KongaPay is available to all sellers once they complete registration.

    How does it work? You will need to:

    • Select your bank
    • Enter your Bank Account/Card Number
    • Create a KongaPay PIN
    • Enter One Time Password (OTP) sent from your bank to your phone or email.

    Once registered, for subsequent payments, you will only need to enter your KongaPay Password (PIN) and verification code sent from the bank to your phone or email.

    How can I register?

    Go to and click the button to register. You can also register at checkout when you select KongaPay as a payment method or when you select KongaPay under “my account” section in or when you click on the KongaPay logo on the top right side in SellerHQ.

    How can I verify my BVN details?

    • Dial *565*0# on your mobile phone to verify that your number is registered to your BVN number. If registered, BVN number will pop up. If not, error msg will show “Number not registered to BVN
    • Contact your Bank to verify that details held by your bank match details held at NIBSS
    • If your details are not registered, you can send a mail to asking for BVN detail verification

    How secure is KongaPay?

    KongaPay is safe and secure. We are in partnership with recognised banks in Nigeria. You get a verification code only with the telephone number or email registered with your Bank and you also create your own KongaPay Password.

    Is it compulsory for me to use KongaPay?

    It is not compulsory to use KongaPay, However KongaPay is the only payment method that guarantees you 100% protection.

    What banks can I register with KongaPay?

    All Nigerian Banks.

    Why is my bank not on the drop -down list?

    The reason your bank might not be on the drop-down list which is;

    Your Bank might be having connection issues. In the case whereby your bank has connection issues, we disable your bank from the drop- down list up until the connection comes back up.

    What if I forget my KongaPay Password?

    If you forget your password, then you will need to click on the “forget password button “. For security reasons, you will be required to enter the verification code sent by the bank to your phone, this cancels your current kongapay account and you will need to re-register your bank details for KongaPay.

    How do I get my OTP password?

    Your verification code will be sent to the telephone number registered with the bank or email depending on the bank.

    Can I use the same KongaPay account as a seller and also as a buyer?

    Yes you can use the same account as a buyer and a seller as far as you use the same email address.

    Can I cancel my KongaPay account at any time?

    Yes, you can cancel your KongaPay account at anytime by clicking on “account settings” in the KongaPay section under “my accounts“ tab.

    Do I get an invoice as a seller for every transaction that occurs in my KongaPay account?

    You do not get an invoice for every transaction that occurs using your KongaPay. You only get an invoice for commissions due for orders you delivered by yourself or a courier on your behalf to a customer.

    What’s the guarantee that my bank information will be safe if I give it to Konga?

    Your Bank details are safe with Kongapay because no transaction can occur on your account without you authorising it with the verification code sent by your bank to your phone or email and your kongapay password.

    If I register with KongaPay, how soon will I get my sales proceeds when I have delivered an order to a customer?

    If you are registered with KongaPay, you will get your sales proceeds paid instantly to your bank account upon satisfaction of items by the customer and when your return policy has expired.

    As a customer,will I be able to get a quick refund with KongaPay?

    Yes, you will be able to get a quick refund once you register with KongaPay.

    As a Seller,will Konga be deducting money from my KongaPay account if a customer returns an order?

    If a customer returns an item within the return policy and a seller accepts return and provides a resolution for konga to refund customer, then the money will leave “under KongaPay Protection” and the money will be refunded to the customer.

    What if my bank details have been compromised? How do I know it’s not from Konga?

    If your bank details have been compromised, kindly contact 0809 999 0295 to report issue.Kongapay will only take money out of your account once you authorise kongapay to do so by entering your verification code and KongaPay password.

    Can I use my KongaPay account on my phone?

    Yes, you can use it on the mobile app.

    Will I be able to check my bank balance from my KongaPay account?

    No, you will not be able to check your bank balance.

    Is KongaPay available nationwide?

    Yes, KongaPay is available nationwide.

    Will I still be able to use my SellerHQ wallet?

    Once you have successfully signed up for KongaPay, proceeds in your KongaPay wallet will be paid into your bank account and your wallet will become inactive. If you do not have a KongaPay account you will still be able to use your wallet for now. The wallet service will be turned off in the future. We will let you know before we do so.

    Is the KongaPay service free or will I be charged COT everytime money is paid into my account or deducted?

    The KongaPay service is free.

    Will I be informed before any amount of money is deducted from my KongaPay account?

    KongaPay will not deduct any amount from your bank account without you authorising the transaction using the One Time Password (OTP) sent by the bank to your phone or email and KongaPay Password

    What do I do if I want more information about KongaPay?

    You can call 0809 999 0295 or send an email to for more information on KongaPay.

    What is the daily transaction limit for KongaPay?

    You are restricted to perform only 3 transactions in a day and this must not exceed a daily maximum N100,000 (depending on your bank) for the first three transactions. After the third transaction, you can perform transaction with a maximum amount of N250,000.

    If i have placed an order using KongaPay for the first time, will i be able to use KongaPay the next time i shop on

    You can only access KongaPay the second time, once the first KongaPay transaction has been delivered.

    Will I get refunded when I cancel my order?

    You will automatically get refunded when you cancel your order before it gets shipped if you have a valid KongaPay account.
    *For card registrants, the refunds will be processed within 3 - 5 working days.

    Can I have multiple KongaPay accounts?

    No, because each KongaPay account is linked to a single BVN number and you have just one. Therefore to update your bank details you will be required to cancel the existing KongaPay account and register a new one.

    How long does it take for my KongaPay payment to go through?


    Why are my transactions failing?

    Your financial institution for one of the following reasons may decline your transactions:

    • Your bank may be experiencing Server/Network issues
    • Your account balance may be insufficient to complete the transaction
    • You may have crossed the daily Maximum spend limit allowed by your financial institution for KongaPay transactions
    • They might be a debit restriction on your card or account (some accounts such as Salary accounts may have restrictions placed on them), please contact your bank to verify that no restrictions are active on the account.
    • If your Card is linked to Multiple accounts, please ensure that both accounts are sufficiently funded to complete your transaction, as KongaPay cannot determine the default account that will be charged by your bank.