New Seller
The Art of Vivid Descriptions

Taking time out to ensure you’re showing great images along with clear descriptions for every item you sell online is a good step towards making good sales. However, there’s more you can do to improve your sales. Writing good descriptions and product features is one of the most compelling ways to convince buyers to close that sales deal.

The words, phrases and style you adopt to present your items can have tremendous impact to improve your sales rate, thereby taking your business to the next level. We have shared some tips on how you can improve your writing skills to record more sales.

Use Writing to Emphasize Benefits to your Customers- One question your buyers need responses to is: “What’s in it for me”? While having great product features is very good, your key writing points for your products should clearly explain how such specifications matter to your buyers, and what they stand to gain should they purchase from you. It is to your benefit when your first line or two of product writing presents your items in a way that immediately indicates to your buyers what they stand to gain from purchasing that product. If your products are home appliances, ensure you focus on how your product’s features will help buyers get more done in less time and how the item won’t clutter their space and how easy they can set them up in little time. While the benefits of your products may be obvious to you, it is necessary to point out these facts to your buyers in clear terms. That way, they understand immediately how reliable your product will be compared to shopping for similar item from another store.

Speak In Simple Terms -It is important to write fluently about the features of your items in widely accepted and simple terms to demonstrate your knowledge of what you are offering. You should assume that some of your customers might not be as fluent as you, in regards to what you’re offering. This is key to attracting new customers who may be interested in items that are new to them.

Use Relevant Images to Support What You Write - Images are highly convincing to buyers as that is the only way they can have an idea of what you are offering and what they will be paying for at the end of the deal. Consider showing multiple images of your products from different angles and ensure your description and feature writings complements the images you have used. This will help your buyers match what you have described with words to the images they can see in front of their screens.

(Culled from The Online Seller Post, Copy Writing Tips to Increase Your Online Sales)