New Seller
Things to note on your first sale

You made a sale on Konga, now what? This steps should help you fulfill that first order smoothly, setting you up for a successful future!

Packaging- Now you have made your first sale. When you sell an item, you are sent a notification email containing all the pertinent information for the sale (item, buyer, payment method, etc.). This notification is sent to the email address you register with. The transaction information will also show up in Your Shop & Sold Orders. Creative packaging is the key. It is advisable to customize some packaging materials with your store’s name or logo. If you can’t, you can always ensure whatever packaging materials you use is up to standard. You could include a handwritten note, this note can be a “thank you” message or a request for feedback from the buyer. Example: "If you have any questions about this item feel free to email me. I would also be honored if you took a minute to give me feedback on Konga"

Communication Is Key- To keep customers from too much pacing and frustration, it is important to manage their expectations. Ensure to ship orders before the 48hours given. You may also go as far as calling the customer or sending an email to inform them what carrier you have used. Provide tracking information if available. Let them know they can be on the lookout for a confirmation email when the item has been delivered. Don’t keep buyers guessing.