New Seller
Steps to a Successful Start on Konga

Launching a new business can be overwhelming. With new concepts, strategies and terminology to learn, starting your online store can feel like a difficult task. To prepare for selling on Konga, it would pay to plan ahead and get a sense of how things work before you open your store. You can achieve a great start using the following steps as guide.

Gather Essentials- Assemble the key building blocks on time. Prepare everything you might need before-hand, this includes images, item prices, make sure all products are in good condition.

Decide on a Name- You can choose a name based on your initials or personal values. Depending on what you sell you can add the word “shop or “boutique”. Some sellers name their stores using their first names

Consider Keywords- When buyers shop on Konga they usually have specific products in mind. Most of these buyers always begin their search by typing related words and phrases to this product in the search bar. Therefore it is essential as a seller to think like those buyers and determine what descriptive keywords your prospective buyers will most likely use to find your items.

Take Captivating Images- Most of Konga sellers are not professional photographers, you don’t have to be one either. All you need is to take images that are sharp, simple and extremely illustrative, this is one of the keys to successful selling.