New Seller
Giving Your Customers a “Wow” Experience

On Konga Market Place you can sell online and make money easily. With over millions of buyers, Konga is one of Africa’s largest online marketplace. With so many buyers, Konga gives you the perfect opportunity to acquire more customers for your store. It’s easy to get these customers but another to keep your customers interested and coming back to your store for more.

Here are a few tips to help you achieve this:

Effective Customer Service: Customer service can take the form of an in-person interaction or a phone call. A buyer who is satisfied with your customer service will most certainly return to your store. A few attributes you should possess when dealing with buyers are patience, good listening & clear communications skills, good knowledge of your products.

Package Professionally: Ensure you take the time to pack your sales carefully. Invest in bubble wraps, branded nylons, cartons e.t.c. Many of these supplies can be sourced from local gift shops. Remember, the key to increasing buyer satisfaction is in ensuring neat delivery. Even without the fancy packaging, you can still achieve great packaging.

Have A Return Policy: You put your customer are more at ease when you offer money back guarantee on everything you sell. The increase in sales will cover up for the cost involved in items being returned. At the very least you may offer a guarantee on the item delivered if it is not exactly as described or photographed.