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The e-Commerce Mall

Online Malls connect buyers and sellers and allow them to transact in a secure, trusting environment. Mall platforms acquire traffic (visits) and customers (visitors) and provide the tools for enabling transactions and communications. These platforms combine a website (for buyers) with a set of tools for sellers to manage inventory, price, communications and fulfillment. The Mall model allows sellers to start trading online without the need for their own website or the expense of digital marketing to drive visits.

Buyers find the Mall experience easy and rewarding because of the huge choices available, the competitive pricing, the security of using an Escrow service and the convenience of having everything on one website, with great search and navigation tools.

Konga Mall will make sure your products are available to the X million Nigerians who already have access to the Internet - a number that continues to grow rapidly.

And according to the statistics packs for Nigeria eCommerce / Mobile Commerce, Nigeria is currently Africa’s largest economy (GDP $510B)

  • Growing at 7 % per year
  • Expected to be in world top 20 by 2050
  • $2,900 GDP per capita (+4.3 % per year)
  • Economy now on par with Norway & Poland

Nigeria is also Africa’s largest population (~170M) with:

  • 2.5 % annual growth (~440M by 2050)
  • Addressable market size ~68M (top 40 %)
  • Young: 18 years median age (world median: 29 years)
  • Increasingly urbanized: 50%
  • Growing middle class