New Seller
Increased Sales for Your Online Store

If you are just getting started on Konga mall or perhaps looking to improve your online sales then here are some great tips on how successful stores achieved their success.

  • Focus on clarity and simplicity. You should avoid confusing or disorienting a potential customer. Make it as easy as possible for them to shop from your store.
  • Test your products. Ensure to try out your products. This will make you more knowledgeable on the product.
  • There are several factors considered as components to successfully selling online. One of them is having great Images of your products. The visual appeal of your products online is a source of differentiation between brands and your competition
  • Another factor is giving great customer service. This is sometimes the reason for returning customers.
  • Advertise as much as possible on social media.
  • It is common to want to attract as many new customers as possible, new customers are needed to grow. However, do not neglect your existing customers.

Finally, the best tip on being successful is that you ensure to treat your online store as you would a brick and mortar shop(Physical store). Respond to their inquiries patiently. Just like they were present.