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Packaging Your Orders

Shipping in ecommerce is a lot more than getting your product from point A to B. When shipping is done correctly, it can help foster repeat business and even help acquire new customers through powerful word-of-mouth marketing. However, done wrong and you run the risk of increased costs and unhappy customers.

Packaging is a very important part of the shipping and fulfillment process. It protects your products from bumps and bruises and is the first thing your customer see when it shows up at their door. It’s your brand’s first impression in-person and it’s a big deal.

There are two methods of Packaging:

  • Utility-Focused Packaging - Nothing fancy. A plain envelope or brown cardboard box and any necessary filler to protect your product.
  • Branded, Experience Focused Packaging - The sky’s the limit on how fancy and memorable you want your customer’s experience to be. Through the use of packaging, you can create a unique experience that also acts as a marketing channel. This could involve:
  • a hand written thank you note to your customer
  • using great fancy packaging
  • surprise gifts or sample products.

You should also consider this, with every package shipped, your customer's experience with your brand will either:

  • Fall below expectations
  • Meet expectations
  • Exceed expectations