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Running an e-Commerce Business

There are a few key success factors to running an eCommerce business. All of them equally important and areas you have to master to run an effective eCommerce business.


Write a good title and spend some time thinking about what makes a good description, take inspiration from other websites that you like. Think about what would make you buy the product; the important points you would want to get across and how to incorporate these into your listings. Always be honest, if not, the buyers are likely to return or reject your orders and give you negative feedback that would impact future sales, i.e. always sell items that are unused and 100 % authentic. Make sure that you have good, quality images.


Fulfilment is about receiving, packaging and shipping orders. The process from when an order is placed till it is delivered to the customer. To promptly fulfill is the essence of eCommerce, and that is why it is important that you have the orders that you are receiving in stock in order to be able to pack the items for shipment and drop them off at a carrier in a timely manner. The item is then taken by plane, truck, boat, or some combination of these to be delivered to the customer.


The worlds' most successful online Malls have communication at their heart, and there is a very good reason for that; it builds trust and security. Try to respond as quickly as possible to your customers’ questions and keep them informed about received orders, when you drop off orders at courier centers, and when things don’t go as planned. Offering great customer service by making sure that you give each and every customer the attention they deserve will ensure high customer ratings, and in the end more sales.


Consider two scenarios; you source a product locally for ₦900 and sell it for ₦1000, or your source something from China for N600 and sell it for the same price. Your profit from the first scenario is ₦100, while it is ₦400 for the Chinese products. But that does not necessarily mean that the second option is preferable. It may be a better alternative to make ₦100 per item sold, instead of ₦400, and not having to wait for your products being shipped to Nigeria? If you are growing, you have to invest in buying the products that you want to sell which means that you have to tie up cash, and you do not want to have a cash shortage. Be in control of your cash flow, especially if your business is growing.


A successful Mall listing starts with great photos. Why? It gives your buyers a great shopping experience, drives sales and reduces refunds. The clearer, crisp, quality pictures you show, the easier it is for buyers to find your listings and make purchase decisions. Everyone can shoot a good image, here are some simple tricks.

  • Use a plain white backdrop so that your product really stands out and try to capture the entire product. However, for reflective products - a black background may be better
  • Turn off the flash to avoid shadows and reflections which would make your images look less attractive
  • Use a good quality camera and make sure that it’s set on the highest resolution and best color balance as possible
  • Make sure your images are sharp as blurred images do not capture the buyers’ interest. Your images will be sharper if you minimize camera movement - set the camera up on a solid object or place it on a flat surface and use the shutter timer.
  • Try shooting from other angles than straight in front of the product to evoke the buyers interest
  • If your product has important, unique or nice looking details or functionalities they should be highlighted in the picture.

Many buyers will look at the image and the quality to gauge the quality and professionalism of your store, a good picture can be worth a million Naira. Please keep in mind our image guidelines:

  • File size Minimum 100kb
  • Image Size Minimum 500 x 500 Pixels
  • Format Jpeg (.jpg)