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Ratings and Reviews

As you know one of the most important factors in a successful online Mall is building trust between buyers and sellers. The most effective way of doing this is to encourage buyers to rate their overall experience with a seller.


Konga contacts your buyers and ask them to rate how they felt their order was handled by you. And buyers will have the option to select 1 of 5 choices:
There are a number of factors that buyers will consider when deciding how to rate you, so you should pay particular attention to the following:

  • COMMUNICATION - how quickly did you respond to any questions? Did you keep them informed throughout the order and delivery process?
  • QUALITY OF THE PRODUCT - Was the product exactly as you described it on the web site? Was it damaged or used when it should have been brand new? Did you send the right size or colour?
  • ACCEPTING AND SHIPPING - How quickly did you accept and ship the order?
  • AFTER SALES SERVICE - If buyers had questions or needed help after the order was delivered did you respond and support them appropriately?

We collect your buyers feedback and publish your overall rating as a % next to your store name, on product pages and on your store page, eventually this will also appear in search results as well.  Buyers can also leave 'text' feedback, although it's not required. When they do, this information will also be public, so this is your opportunity to have someone else tell the world how great you are, provided you go the extra mile. To view your ratings - go the your store page and follow the link to 'Ratings'

Rating Weights
1 Star 10%
2 Stars 50%
3 Stars 90%
4 Stars 95%
5 Stars 100%

Ratings are based on the previous 90 days feedback scores received.

1 ‘Good’ Order, 1 ‘Average’ Order, 1 ‘Bad’ Order = 1 + 0.9 + -0.25 = 1.65
You could have had a Maximum score of 3 (if all orders had been rated as ‘Good’) so 1.65 / 3 = 55 %
So your overall rating would be 55 %.

We want to incentivize excellence so in the example above you would need to work hard to gain ‘Good’ feedback to grow your rating. If you only receive ‘Average’ ratings it will take you a lot longer to increase your rating. Also remember if you are only ever ‘Average’ you will never get higher than 90 %,  at the same time many of your competitors will be 98 % and above - and this will influence buyer’s decision making. Very soon, your rating will also determine how your products are placed in our search results. The higher your rating, the nearer to the top of the page you are. So, you are in control of your rating.