New Seller
When Less Is More

There was a time when lengthy explanations and exhaustive declarations were needed to convince wary online lookers to buy what products you have to offer. Today, savvy shoppers already know a good deal when they see one, beginning with a satisfyingly succinct, yet persuasive product description. No longer is it needed to read an epistle before deciding to click “add to cart”. The average online user today has very low attention span. As a result, you need to ensure that the few seconds they are on your store page, the information you have shared about your products is convincing enough to generate a sales lead from your prospective buyer. We have shared some key strategic methods to presenting concise and compelling item descriptions that quickly convince buyers your products are exactly what they’ve been looking for all this while.

Your Buyers’ Time is Precious so Don’t Waste It - By today’s nanosecond pace, everyone is on the go, busy juggling multiple tasks in a hurry and somewhat less patient when it comes to long-winded sales pitches and online description. When it comes to their shopping, be it for necessities or on-the-spot indulgences, they’re reluctant to spend too much of their valuable time trying to make a purchase decision. What buyers want are details, quickly and clearly stated, plus supporting elements like good product photos to help solidify their understanding of the item for sale. Within these mere moments, they can decide to make a purchase, and complete a transaction with just a few additional mouse clicks. Many such purchases occur within the span of four minutes or even less. Therefore, if your item descriptions are too lengthy and before getting to the point, your prospective buyer would have likely lose interest before reading the third sentence. You have to communicate quickly, with near-urgent purpose, to improve your potential to tender a sale.

Give Them the Product’s Facts, Very Fast - Before you craft your product description, take a critical assessment of the item itself. Rather than think of clever and creative ways to descriptively dress up the item you hope to sell, see it for what it is and describe it plainly and honestly. Be sure your item descriptions speak to these key points:

  1. All distinguishing and authenticating details
  2. Details of item completeness or lack thereof
  3. Any and all imperfections or fragileness of item.
Most buyers have thoroughly researched the items they seek, well before coming upon your store. If you’re vague about your item details or otherwise ambiguous in representing it, the savvy buyer will move along to seek another offer from another seller. Therefore, give buyers the facts up front so they can quickly decide if you have the right stuff. Be sure your text looks as good as it reads. Use short sentences and simple language

Watch Your Tenses & Grammar - As petty as it seems, spelling and grammar do count when describing your products on the Konga mall. Misspellings and poor sentence structure will slow down shoppers, causing them to struggle to understand sloppily crafted descriptions. Also use short sentences and simple language and consider using a computer-based spelling and grammar checker if you need to, and dig out the dictionary when your resources fall short. Though it can be a tough pill to swallow, understand that your skills in the written language will have direct reflection upon you and your business, for better or worse.
Things to Avoid:
As a final point of review, avoid the following as you write out your item descriptions:

  1. Overtly verbal stinginess, as found in objectionably brief one-liners like “Item as pictured”
  2. Intentionally ambiguous language that avoids disclosure of pertinent and key details.
  3. Use of subjective language, for instance: “This is the best you’ll find anywhere.” This adds nothing to a buyer’s understanding of the item.

If ever you wondered about the need for concise and direct engagement of buyers, recognize that succinct yet thorough communication is essential in addressing today’s breed of online buyers. Well-paced engagement and information sharing is key to your sales success, as it brings the benefit of improving the perception of you and your business, too.