New Seller
Identify Your Selling Goals

As a new seller, it is important that you practice good time management and focus on becoming skillful at your daily tasks. Marketing via social media while may be a good idea to showcase your store page on the Konga Mall, it should take second place to your marketplace endeavors. When new online sellers focus on a very small part of the picture, they tend to give up easily because they are frantically trying to do everything by themselves and in a hurry, and this will make them to fall farther and farther behind without achieving their expected results.

To avoid this happening, we advise that you write out a step by step procedure on carrying out your deliveries beginning with when an order is placed for one of your products. Ensure whatever steps you put in place is beneficial to both you and your buyers. Buyers will always return over and over to a store that not only meets delivery requirement but also does this in a timely fashion