New Seller
What To Sell

When you start selling online, one of the first questions most merchants ask themselves is “What should I Sell?” This question although extremely important and should be given a lot of thought shouldn’t give you a lot of worry. Firstly, you will have to try a few items , once you get a feel for selling online, you’re ready to start looking for what to sell regularly, that is your specialty, this will become your area of expertise therefore it should be something you have a passion for or know a lot about, so you don’t lose your enthusiasm.

Below are some guidelines to deciding ‘What To Sell”

Sell What You’re Interested In- Take some time to think of your interests and hobbies, then do a search to see what items related to your interests are selling online. If there is a market for what you are into Confirm that these items are actually selling.

Sell What You Know- Ensure to do an extensive research on whatever item you decide on. If as you do your research you discover that another item you know a lot about is in high demand, you might consider selling that type of product.

Sell what’s In Demand- A lot of products are needed and used daily by lots of individuals, so therefore it makes sense to sell something that lots of people want to buy. Then you can be sure to make sales.

Check Out the Competition-If there are a lot of people selling that same item, it can be a signal that the market has been saturated, in order to break through, you will have to do something different with that same product to attract customer attention.

Product Availability- Find out how accessible the product is. If your product is readily available locally there is one less reason for people to seek your product out online, therefore you must find ways to differentiate yourself and convince people to buy from you online. You can try offering a better selection, higher quality, or even better price.

Is Your Product Seasonal - Selling seasonal products can lead to inconsistent cash flow. Ideally, you want to find a product that will be evenly demanded all year round. At the very least, you want to be aware of seasonal demand fluctuations to plan accordingly Although the perfect product may or may not exist, there are definitely ways to minimize risk by choosing a product that has more advantages than disadvantages. Using the above criteria as guidelines can help you understand the product you have in mind and increase your chances of success.