New Seller
Improving your Buyers’ Experience

A good customer experience can change a customer’s entire perception of an organization. This means every interaction with your buyer may leave them a happy buyer or a dissatisfied one, which would lead to a repeat customer. Ask yourself what can be done to ensure all your customers turn out to be happy customers.

These few steps will help you improve your customer service skills and endear buyers to purchase from you.

Be Courteous - Courtesy and respect still counts for a whole lot, even in an online setting where you are invisible to customers. You should always strive to make customers feel appreciated. Attacking customers with a list of rules required for doing business with you is a sure way to ensure they never shop from your store anymore. If you have to contact a buyer or potential buyer regarding questions and feedback on your product, keep your tone professional and friendly, regardless of how the customer might sound.

Be Responsive- With the available technology at the tip of your hands, it is possible to be accessible to your buyers at all times while still keep normal working hours and going about your daily routine. Hence, you will need to provide a valid email address and mobile contact to let customers get in touch with you. As an online seller, providing a phone number and being available for an online chat with your buyer gives them more confidence that you are a responsive seller. During normal working hours try to respond to inquiries within an hour or two and use automated communications to fill the gaps until you can respond, regardless ensure every e-mail receives a response eventually. Doing everything in your power to help a customer solve a problem, even when you’re not personally available, can go a long way to building trust.

Be willing to improve- To improve you must first be away of the areas that are lacking. You can start by viewing your store and listings from your customers’s perspective. Shop on your own store as if you were visiting for the first time and take note of anything you feel does not work. Also keep in mind something that seems obvious to others might not to you and vice versa. It is also very necessary to pay attention to your feedbacks, just remember that whatever criticism you receive, it’s business. No matter how negative something seems, it can always be turned into a positive. Filter the useful information from the feedback you have received and use it to improve the experience for everyone who visits your store, and you’ll be more likely to see customers returning again and again.

Be understanding-To be sure, not every customer will be pleasant to deal with. But it’s the wise seller who accepts the adage that the customer is always right—even when you know they’re not. If a customer seems upset, be willing to listen. Find out what the problem is and work it out. Don’t just apologize when something displeases your customer, try to make it right. The important thing is to show customers that you value them. After all, without customers, you wouldn’t have a business.

Be engaged- Remember that good customer service doesn’t end with the sale. There’s still the little matter of delivering the product, both safely and timely. Make sure you package your items well, and ship them as soon as possible It’s a nice touch to call or send a follow-up email to a buyer asking if they received the item and if everything was to their satisfaction. Invite customers to contact you for any reason, and be responsive and sincere if they do. “Service after the purchase makes the determination of whether they will purchase from you again, or recommend you to their friends and family.”

(Culled from The Online Seller post on 5 Tips for great customer service)