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Keys to Developing a ‘Sticky’ Store

“Stickiness” in your store is definitely desirable and should never be eliminated. Quite the opposite as it is strongly encouraged.

Stickiness used in this context refers to how effectively your online store attracts customers to take a look—and once they’ve ventured in, how well it keeps their interest to thoroughly explore your offerings and make a purchase. Once a sale has been made, stickiness also works to compel buyers to return soon. A solidly sticky store also prompts visitors to tell others about their good experience, essentially gaining you word-of-mouth advertising at no further effort of your own.

But if your store however is not getting the sort of traffic you’d like, nor is it keeping visitors around longer than a few seconds, we have shared some ways you can improve your online drawing power and encourage visitors to step through your virtual threshold, shop longer and return more often.

Adhering to this method of customer engagement—attract, explore and return—will help you to develop a sticky presence other sellers will envy.

Keep Your Store Current - This is the most enticing aspect of a well-maintained destination yet the most difficult to sustain. Once you’ve succeeded in keeping your visitors browsing your store and purchasing your goods, you’ll need to ensure there’s something new for them upon each return visit. Statistics have shown over time that offering new content on a daily basis, encouraged visitors to return every few days. If you only update weekly, visitors will likely return once every few weeks. If you’re limited to updating once a month, visitors will probably only visit once every few months—if at all they visit.
The more often you update your store and offerings, the more frequently your buyers return. The more they visit your store, the more likely you remain in the forefront of their minds when it comes to shopping for the sort of goods you regularly offer.

Keep Your Store Simple - Once you get into a rhythm of updating your store, you might find it tempting to go all out and deliver so much content. Aside from the fact that large images that can take too long to display, over-decorating your store can become counterproductive, often hiding your great offerings. Avoid unnecessary clutter by keeping your store neat, well organized and fast loading so ensure you upload images that fall within the requirements of the Konga mall to enable your images load fast. This will make your store a pleasure to revisit, helping repeat customers find what they’re looking for while quickly determining what’s new for today.

Keep Them Coming Back For More - Most importantly, trust your own instincts and shopping attitudes. Keep yourself attuned to what you like and dislike about the online stores you frequent and you’ll be likely to develop a store that attracts a reliable base of repeat customers. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes at all times. When you think about the stickiness factors that you prefer, and apply those to your own store, you’ll excel at meeting and exceeding your customers’ expectations upon their every visit.